Dec 17, 2012

Wrong Focus: Teacher-Centered Classrooms and Technology
"Look at the front of the classroom from the students’ perspective What do they see? In schools where it is feasible, they see a tech rich experience for the teacher: a computing device, an IWB, a projection device pointing at the front. Perhaps we see a teacher with an iPad, an iPod, or a doc camera. Regardless, we see a very tech rich experience for the teacher – a teacher-centered technology environment.
Now flip it. What do educators see when looking at students?
Paper. Pencils. Print texts. Notebooks. Pens.
What an absolute disconnect!"

I think we're still stuck in the Time of Computer Labs. If a teacher doesn't have time to go to the computer lab, s/he cancels the trip and waits a week. In Texas, we have Technology objectives right along with our Common Core objectives. I guess we just tend to ignore those.

I look forward to the day that students are expected to demonstrate all understanding through technology. An interesting challenge. To head that direction, we would have to change (or burn) our beloved standardized tests and thoroughly adjust our teacher prep programs. Keep your fingers cr--nevermind.

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