Dec 17, 2012

Wes DeWeese, Georgia Father Of 18-Year-Old Student With Disabilities, Questions Son's High Grades

I'm not going to address Mr. DeWeese and his son--I think there are questions that never came up. Therefore, several of the comments are unfair.

However, I want to address this...

"In Dallas, Field Elementary School, an "exemplary" school noted for academic achievement, was found to have only taught its third graders reading and math last year, as teachers fabricated scores for every student in other subjects, like social studies and science."

Wha-- That can't... Are you sure?

Don't we have a ridiculously long list of objectives that TEA have, in their infinite wisdom, shoved down... uh, rather... passed down to us?

Absolutely ridiculous. I hope that everyone was fired. Principal. Third grade teachers. Parents. Yep, parents. Didn't they notice the Science and Social Studies assignments that never came home?

While Mr. DeWeese complains about high grades, those parents just turned a blind eye.

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