Dec 17, 2012

Harrold, Texas School Gun Policy Defended After Newtown Shooting
"In August 2008, Harrold Independent School District Superintendent David Thweatt made waves announcing an unprecedented move: Teachers and staff would be allowed to carry guns in schools."

Comment from Dropthedh:
In a country where so many people blame teachers for the demise of education, we then turn to them to be armed protectors of our children. Amazing!
It's not enough they are accused of being glorified babysitters, now they are considered to be the police. Let's just place all of society's problems on the shoulders of our educators and then we can blame them for everything that goes wrong. Brilliant! 

Schools are full of children. Our babies. Surely, our Education Departments, administrators, local police departments, parents, etc. can put their minds together and come up with something that leaves the teachers to teach and the students to learn.

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