Dec 17, 2012

An Introduction to Technology Integration

From Sal Khan (Khan's Academy):
"The traditional academic model, you know, that we've inherited from the Prussians 200 years ago is: We have a set amount of time to learn something, and then there's an exam. You get a B; I get a C. Even though the exam identified that you have some basic weaknesses, I have even more weaknesses, we'll then move on to the next concept. So instead of doing that traditional, everyone move together in lock-step model, with technology, you have the potential to everyone learn at their own pace, and master concepts before they move on. Have the teacher get real-time dashboards to see who's stuck on what. Now something like that is a fundamental transformation of what a classroom is."

From the end of the video:

Research has shown that technology integration improves:
  • K-12 achievement when digital and face-to-face instruction are integrated
  • Science learning over text-book instruction by allowing students to collect, analyze, and model data
  • Student writing skills and engagement when 1:1 laptop programs are in place
  • Student understanding of math concepts and attitudes towards math when they use virtual manipulatives

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