Dec 26, 2014

SITE: Twoople

I have this idea of making myself available to my students when they're at home, working on homework. First of all, I don't really give homework. The students are expected to work on multiplication facts every night, and, once in a blue moon, they're asked to finish something from class. However, as I begin working on my proposal plans, I know that the students will have the option of working on their e-notebooks at home, so I want to make myself available to the students as they work. E-mail is too slow. I've considered using TodaysMeet, but I think Twoople offers something that I like: a permanent spot. I won't need to send out a new link from time to time. I can create a Twoople page and use it every day. Of course, the worry is that students will abuse the opportunity to communicate with me. That's not something to keep me from trying.

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