Dec 27, 2014

ARTICLE: Benefits of Gamification

8 Research Findings Supporting the Benefits of Gamification in Education
Kelly Walsh @

There are myriad ways in which "gamification" can play a positive role in the educational setting.

1. Game playing can develop a positive attitude towards mathematics for children.

2. Video games can lessen disruptive behaviors and enhance positive development in ADHD children.

3. Children who construct their own video games experience increased cognitive and social growth.

4. Mature make-believe play provides the most beneficial context for children’s development.

5. Play-based learning increases children’s attention span.

6. Playing scary and violent video games help children master their fears in real life.

7. Chess makes kids smart.

8. Music and movement augment children’s language capabilities during the preschool years. 

Woohoo! I love the idea of gamifying the classroom, but I found that my fifth graders didn't really get into it last year. I can incorporate gaming concepts but that doesn't necessarily engage the students. I need to develop something that works with fifth graders. And, of course, next year, I'll have to revise the entire plan.

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