Aug 4, 2013

My "Gamified" Classroom - Rewards

I don't want to give out pencils, erasers, stickers, treats, etc. again. I hate that kind of thing. I don't want a store with fake money or tickets. No more prizes. No more coupons. No more!

That stuff doesn't work. Oh, maybe for a week or two, but it fades fast. For sixteen years, I kept trying it because my class was boring and I was trying to bribe the students into being attentive. I just can't believe that a school like Quest to Learn gives snack cakes or pencils to the students when they are compliant.

Updating my classroom has forced me to consider something else. When playing Xbox360 or PS3, accomplishing tasks earns points and virtual achievements/trophies for the players. Now, whether or not, those prizes existed, players would still play--video games are fun.

So, I've decided to award points, badges, and avatars. Not as bribes. As perks. As part of the theme.

I created these badges using 
I will print the badges on magnet paper, 
so the students can display them on/in their lockers.

After every third level, the students will receive a chunk of a Pixel Person.
Again, I will print the pieces on magnet paper and the students will color them.
Thanks, Mojang and Minecraft!!

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