Aug 4, 2013

My "Gamified" Classroom - Decor

This year, I want to flip a gamified classroom. And, though I've thought about it for months, I'm just now putting things in place. Oh, it's not procrastination--it's confusion and fear and slow ideas. To get everything rolling, I've already gone up to school and worked in my classroom. Here are some photos.

This was my very first idea.
I wanted my word wall to resemble Space Invaders or Breakout.

I wanted to redo my rules.
I searched online for video game decorations, but didn't have much luck.
Then it hit me: I could use video game characters from GameInformer magazine.

Not only could I cut out characters, I could use the GameInformer covers, too.
These are my most important reminders.

 Instead of a typical border, I cut strips from the GameInformer magazines.

 And, finally, having fallen in love with scrapbooking pages, 
I needed something for the other board.
Every year, I stress the need to learn multiplication facts.
I use FlashMasters and TimezAttack and speed drills, but I don't post them.
Until now. The multiples are mixed up but they make a nice reference, I think.
Plus, I used piq to create my own Space Invaders.

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