Jun 27, 2013

What to do inside the ‘Flipped Class’

The idea behind the flipped classroom is easy to understand. This article gives some ideas about what to do in the classroom after the students have previewed the lesson. Here are some ideas from the article.
  • Set groups to produce visual, verbal or manual guidance for the material covered (Apps Explain Everything – Audioboo and iMovie) and have an ‘expert’ table run by the educator.
  • Give students a single stimulus to challenge their understanding of the theory and then produce their own extended writing task
  • Guess the learning objectives. Place the objectives in an envelope at the front of class. Complete tasks that allow for collaboration and discussion. Student/group guess the lesson objectives, closest wins prize. (Apps ICanAnimate – Animoto and Flipboard)
  • Ten sentence lesson. Educator is limited to ten sentences so students must chose their questions wisely. The fact that they already have content encourages collaboration and information filtering.
  • TV Quiz – Run by students based on ‘flipped’ video. (Apps Socrative and iMovie)

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