Jun 26, 2013

How To Create Powerful Student-Teacher Relationships

First of all, if you're not reading Edudemic, set a bookmark--for crying out loud.
Dr. Ruby K. Payne (2003) in A Framework for Understanding Poverty claims, “The key to achievement for students from poverty is in creating relationships with them.”
Students need to feel safe. When they don't feel safe, they become survivors, taking flight from their learning.
Structure and routine help alleviate fear: students know what to expect, know how the room will feel. That is, structure and routine around how we do things, not what we do. The brain needs stimulation to be healthy. Therefore, our lessons should contain variety; they should even create a bit of anxiety, which is healthy for learning. A looming deadline, a time limit, a set of demanding expectations can be very motivating (Nussbaum, 2012). The goal then becomes creating safety in structure but a push in the intellectual challenge.
Hand rubrics, exit slips, and pair sharing are tools that will lead to participation and positive relationships. Those are explained in the article.

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