Aug 4, 2012

VIDEO: Germany's Education Reform

Germany Takes On Education Reform
LINK: edutopia

From the video: ...where officials have decided to grant many schools the freedom to innovate.

Not restrict or punish or dangle money or charterize. The freedom to innovate.

(When the kids are arriving for school, did you notice that the bus is a Mercedes-Benz?)

From the video: These teams have great autonomy and responsibility, and this is where a lot of ideas are initiated. And if a team is satisfied with their work, then they share their ideas with other teams. So that, in time, from a small stone thrown into the water, many ripples are created, and this cooperative structure enables the transfer of innovations to other teams.

Often, when we talk about planning and growing as a team, someone will mention a lack of time. Folks, we have to make this a priority. Not only would it help our lessons, it would improve school climate, student behavior, parent involvement, etc. because we would share ideas about our successes, and, working together, we would solve new challenges.

From the video: This kind of work leads to very high satisfaction. Teachers have the perception that their work is appreciated, their ideas are being implemented. They know that working together is very effective, and they help and support each other. And I think this leads to very high levels of pride and pedagogical development, because they do not work in isolation, but as a team.

If you take a poll of successful countries, you'd find that this is what they have in common. They live and breathe as a team. And it impacts the schools and students in positive ways.

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