Aug 4, 2012

VIDEO: Fast Facts

Planning Full Days & Practicing Fast Facts

David and I worked to incorporate multiplication facts into the class--it's important for the students to know them and to recall them quickly. As a fifth grade teacher, it's a hassle. For much of my career, I assume that they know their facts, and, frankly, I don't have time to review and practice. Unfortunately, that leaves behind many students, so I had to change.

Too often, trying to remember or calculate a fact causes problems to veer off course. Now, recently, I'm trying to question everything that we do in the classroom. Are we doing it because it's essential to children learning or are we doing it because we always have? Sure, students can look up everything now, but they can't use a computer on the Test. Plus, knowing facts brings flow and confidence.

Man, I rambled on for a while just to say that I like this video.

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