Jun 26, 2012

ARTICLE: Online Testing

New online tests hold promise, perils

"Some education reformers and technology experts are hailing the move, which has the backing of the Obama administration, as a revolution. They are promising more well-rounded tests, less frequent cheating and immediate feedback for both students and teachers, as students’ answers are transmitted quickly over the Internet to states and the results are then sent back to districts."

Okay, immediate feedback sounds pretty good. At my school, we have two computer labs. How in the world do we get all of the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students to a computer without taking weeks to do it? Instead of three four-hour tests, Texas might have to make it one thirty-minute test.

"The online format allows states to give standardized tests—once just a weeklong ordeal at the end of the year—as often as four times a year."

Nevermind! Scrap the entire idea!

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