Jun 26, 2012

ARTICLE: More Tests

As exams move online, students spend more time testing

"Giving students more tests is something the online test developers are encouraging. They say teachers will be able to receive results immediately, which can help them change their teaching methods if students are not mastering the material."

Research is clear--teachers should regularly assess their students. Let's learn that from books that I picked up on Amazon, in Half-Price Books, and at the public library--not from online test developers making millions of dollars from their tests!

The article describes one school in Delaware--the students take the state exams and they take the MAP, an online test. Together, the students take as many as seven standardized tests a year.

"It’s a lot, but it’s worth it, teachers and the Townsend principal, Charles Sheppard, say. 'We want to know where they are,' he said."

I'm going to toss you some stone-cold crazy ideas... The teachers could use daily observations and white boards with dry-erase markers!

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