Apr 9, 2012

ARTICLE: Teacher Ratings

California Teacher Ratings Should Be Released Publicly, Parents Say In New Survey

"In both New York and LA, some saw the release as a step forward in using student data and improving transparency and accountability by giving parents access to information on teacher effectiveness. The court ruling that granted public access to the ratings states, 'the reports concern information of a type that is of compelling interest to the public, namely, the proficiency of public employees in the performance of their job duties.'"

Further proof of the systematic degradation of the American public school system, a fascination with sensationalism and gossip, and the ridiculous pursuit of educational fads.

"But to others, the move was misguided, and signaled an over-reliance on incomplete or inaccurate data that publicly shames or praises educators, whether deserving or not. Value-added models generally don't control for demographic factors like poverty, race, or English-learner or special education status, which some say are crucial to evaluating teachers. Some believe that ratings will undermine overall education reform by negatively affecting teacher morale and teacher recruitment, as well as by reinforcing the false notion that testing is everything." 

Improving transparency and accountability? Do you think California led with this information before puking the ratings into the public's squawking mouths?

Comment from Bill Jones123: The edu-reform movement meshes perfectly with the parental guilt and paranoia forces sweeping what remains of the traditional american family.

1. I am brilliant.

2. My child is brilliant.
3. My child is failing in school and life.
4. It is someone else's fault.
He had more to his post, but I wanted to focus on this bit. I don't think parents believe themselves to be brilliant. I do think they would argue that they're absolutely doing the best that they can, and their offspring are doing their best. Many of them do not question that at all. Self-reflection isn't even an option. They are doing their best--period. Whether politicians or parents, someone is looking to blame someone else. Teachers are the easy targets. Unfortunately, this keeps us from improving the system in a meaningful, long-lasting way.

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