Apr 5, 2012

ARTICLE: Computers in the Classroom

Study touts benefits of a 'wired' classroom

"The 40-year retrospective study, published in the Review of Educational Research journal, concluded that classrooms where computer technology was used to support teaching had a 'small to moderate positive' effect on learning and attitude... If the technology is used solely as a content provider — for example, if iPads are used as alternatives to books — then there won't be any positive change... The researchers' preliminary analyses show that things such as PowerPoint presentations don't have much effect on student learning or attitude... 'Where technology does have a positive impact is when it actively engages students, when it's used as a communication tool, when it's used for things like simulations or games that enable students to actively manipulate the environment.'"

With effort and a bit of prep, it's easy enough to create this type of lesson using technology. Assuming you have access to it, of course. After a bond election, my district spent millions on new computers, iPads, smartboards, etc. We have no excuses. I know, it can be a pain in the butt when the students are inexperienced. Just do what I do. When asked to point out a menu or find a file or insert a textbox, I just answer, "I have no idea. Ask your neighbor. Good luck." And I walk off. It's fun--give it a shot.

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