Mar 11, 2012

ARTICLE: Deep Permanent Learning

The Essential Teacher Action

Dr. John Jensen writes, "We wish to be alert to what teachers can do that causes student learning to blast off, that jump-starts students to incorporate knowledge more broadly, and deepen it more permanently." He offers three steps. "1. Define learning as what persists in the mind... 2. Input and output of what you want learned... 3. Repeat step two until everyone learns everything."

As part of step 3, Jensen continues, "Then at least once week, students receive this guideline: 'Pair up now and ask each other the questions all the way back to the beginning of the course.  Concentrate especially on anything you think you are weak on. At the end of the period, turn in to me the name of your partner with the number of points they knew well. Identify any they need more work on.'"

Sounds easy enough. I use think-pair-share for new material, and I'm constantly spiraling, but I should have them regularly discuss the older material. This falls in line with the language objectives for ELPS students.

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