Feb 14, 2012

ARTICLE: NY Teacher Ratings

City to Release Teacher Ratings After Union Loses Suit

After many news agencies asked for the publicizing of teacher ratings, the state agreed! What good could come from this? Like standardized tests, evaluations are meant to guide or improve instruction. If a teacher receives a series of negative evaluations, consequences are perfectly natural. Frankly, crappy teachers should be fired. This has nothing to do with that. Releasing teacher ratings to the public will only lead to embarrassment, disrespect, and second-guesses. Honestly, though, I'm off-topic. We're not talking about evaluations at all--this article is about the Teacher Data Reports, which is based on student test scores... only. Yeah, that's a great idea--release those ratings.

From the comments: 

Leonie Haimsom: Can you think of any other employees, from the public or private sectors, who have ever had been subject to having their job evaluations printed in the newspaper? Yet another method to further undermine teacher morale. Charter school teachers are not subject, of course, to this unreliable and damaging teacher evaluation system; which is probably the reason that DFER, the charter lobby, and the corporate reformers have all pushed so hard on this new system: yet another way to favor the charter sector and weaken our public schools. Punitive and destructive “accountability” systems for everyone but themselves.

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