Feb 12, 2012

ARTICLE: Lessons from Finland

Finland Schools' Success Story: Lessons Shared At California Forum

I know, I know, I keep talking about Finland. I just appreciate their desire for success. They made an intelligent plan, understood it was a lengthy process, and stayed committed to the dream. In addition to international success, everyone (teachers, students, parents, community) has bought into the system. 

"Among the oft-repeated differences between the two countries: Finland's teachers spend fewer hours in the classroom and are among the most-respected, highly credentialed professionals in the country. Unlike the U.S., where the results of near-annual standardized tests under the No Child Left Behind Act call the shots, the Finns have only one mandatory -- albeit lengthy, high-stakes and rigorous -- standardized test at the end of high school. Finnish schools provide universal health care to children on the ground that being healthy is a prerequisite for learning."

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