Jan 21, 2012

ARTICLE: Student Seminars

We Learn By Teaching

"I insist that all my students present their learning in seminars, and I also encourage questioning during these seminars. It's for a very good reason - having to stand up and explain something, means the students need to learn it first. They need to become familiar with the concept, theory, idea they will be talking about in front of their peer group."

Okay, so the article isn't ground-breaking. It's not supported with research. In fact, it seems common-sensical, which is dangerous. I find it interesting, though. In class, my students are reviewing topics in Math. Once they finish the lessons, I'll need to assess them again. Instead of paper and pencil, it's an interesting idea to have them present a lesson. It doesn't need to be long, but should include 1) vocabulary, 2) things to remember, 3) an example, and 4) things to avoid.

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