Jan 21, 2012

ARTICLE: Parent Trigger?

'Parent trigger' would let parents convert schools

"Indiana parents could soon have a direct say in turning public schools into charter schools. A measure being pushed in the Indiana House of Representatives would let them vote to turn public schools over to charter school operators."

This is monumentally moronic. I can't even begin to wrap my head around this insanity. If 51% of a school's parents are brainwashed into thinking that naming your school with the word, charter, is an improvement, it becomes a charter school. I haven't read much, but the research seems inconclusive to me. Besides, I would argue that a successful charter school has effective teachers. A successful public school has effective teachers. A successful clown school has effective teachers. Let's stop pretending that the type of school is the secret to success. Use research to train teachers in best practices, allow them the freedom to collaborate, and reward them for creative, effective lessons--when that happens, you'll see success... in public, private, and clown schools.

I'm convinced that someone is making trademark money every time the word, charter, is used.

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