Aug 4, 2013

Edudemic: 9 Wrong And 8 Right Ways Students Should Use Technology

From Edudemic: Technology is a tool. It’s not a learning outcome. Too often do we get distracted by all the activities and action we can perform with an iPad or some other device. We can post to Edmodo! Make a Prezi! Post to Facebook! All exciting things, to be sure. But these are not actually learning outcomes. You could have a 1:1 iPad classroom where your students create a bazillion (it’s a word, I swear) presentations all about how much they’re learning.

I get the point. I do. I'm not trying to be dense or confrontational. How many teachers write, Make Prezis, in their lesson plans, though? Not many, I reckon. At the same time, I doubt many of them are writing, Raise Awareness or Drive Change, either. 

I can't figure out this article/graphic. Is it aimed at noobs or experienced teachers? Is it self-reflection or a condescending observation? With all of the new technology and apps in the world, the author could just be bringing balance to the universe. Maybe?

I just can't believe that teachers are using technology as the learning outcome rather than a prescribed skill. At the same time, I definitely think it's a mistake to pull back on the technology reins. (I know that that isn't what this article is saying, but, for some, it might cause a bit of guilt.) Interest and engagement are just as important as stating a ground-breaking learning outcome.

I hate that title.

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