Sep 22, 2012

Public School Funding Unequal: State and Local School Finance Systems Perpetuate Per-Student Spending Disparities 
"According to a report out of the Center for American Progress, inequitable per-pupil spending perpetuated by regressive state and local school-finance systems remains cause for concern in U.S. public schools, despite state aid formulas designed to work to the contrary."
Those darn formulas. I just can't believe that they're not perfect.
"For instance, according to the report, non-property sources of revenues, like income taxes and fees, are generally higher in low-poverty districts than high-poverty ones, and are seldom equalized through the state aid formula."
Wait, what? The formula doesn't consider the income taxes in rich areas? I'm no accountant or crazy formula writer, but that sounds stupid. Does the formula consider differences in PTA funds between low-poverty and high-poverty areas? Prob'ly not.
"Last month, another Center for American progress report determined schools that enroll 90 percent or more non-white students spend $733 less per pupil per year than schools that enroll 90 percent or more white students. These “racially isolated” schools make up one-third of the country’s schools. Nationwide, schools spend $334 more on every white student than on every non-white student."
Honestly, I don't believe that success depends on money, but, crap, folks, we've got to even it out a little. Look at those numbers. That's just embarrassing. Shouldn't our nation be passed that?

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