Sep 3, 2012

Performance-based Teacher Assessment Begins in Arizona
"Students in the Scottsdale Unified School District in Arizona have begun their school year by taking tests. Lots of tests. They will end their year the same way. And the results will, for the first time, have an impact on more than just them. Starting this year, the results of students achievement testing will play a part in the system used to assess the performance and effectiveness of their teachers."
The Arizona Dept. of Education expects districts to use student data in their teacher evaluations, but it has not created the evaluation, so there's bound to be a great deal of variety from one district to another. 

Rather than one high-stakes mystery test at the end of the year, Arizona is using its brains and having students take pretests and post-tests. That gives you a better idea as to the teaching and influence a teacher has on that student. Remember, though, there are many factors affecting the education of a student, but this seems like a good move.

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