Sep 23, 2012

50 Popular iPad Apps For Struggling Readers & Writers

Intellectually, we know that we should meet the students where they are, and we should differentiate our instruction, and we should spend time with individuals and small groups, and we should follow IEP's and RtI's and OATWF's*, but where do we find the time?

Now, I'm not saying time is our excuse not to do these things. That's school now, folks. The other school is old-fashioned and won't reach many students. Blame it on whatever you want. If we're going to be teachers, we need to teach all of them. And that doesn't mean that we lecture at all of them.

I think great lessons, stations, and technology will help me accomplish that goal of teaching every student. With my district's influx of new technology, we're able to expand our reach. This site will help.

* - Other Acronyms That We Forget

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