Aug 15, 2012

ARTICLE: Not Happy

District to use tool to tailor teaching

"Arlington schools received grim news last week about their federal Adequate Yearly Progress results, as did nearly half the campuses in the state. All six high schools, two alternative high school campuses, nine of 12 junior highs and 31 of 50 elementaries missed AYP, as did the district as a whole."

That's not great. Surely, there's a bright spot.

"'All campuses will be following a process called Datawise to analyze results, examine instructional practices and develop action plans for improvement,' Cavazos said. 'We firmly believe this process will ensure the progress of all campuses, including those that missed AYP.'"

"Datawise helps teachers see which standards are causing their students difficulty so they can target their efforts to the specific learning stumbling blocks."

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Wait, what? All of us? Do we all have to turn to (and spend money on) a computer program to help us focus on the benchmarks and STAAR test? That can't be right.

"The Datawise system will be used at all campuses, Cavazos said, not just those that missed AYP."

Ah, crap!

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