Jul 10, 2012


After writing my first post a year ago, I finally hit 1000 walkthroughs! So, in honor of this incredibly hard-to-find and rarely read blog, let me hit you with a bit of fascinating data.

This is a breakdown of the visits:

United States - 633
Russia - 205
United Kingdom - 54
France - 35
Germany - 27
Netherlands - 8
Latvia - 6
Philippines - 5
Canada - 3
Indonesia - 3

Having been to only one of these countries, I'm honored that they would think to stop by. Thanks, everyone! (I must say, though, I'm hurt by my friends in the Great White North--I thought we were closer.)

Firefox was used 42% of the time. You, go, Firefox!

Windows was used 69% of the time, while iPhone had 15% of the visits. I mean, I know it's only 15%, but, wow, some iPhone users are staring at a tiny screen just to see my blog. I'm touched... Get it?

I had 259 pageviews last month--that's nearly 26% of the total. Did I get popular or what? 

Well, I'm inspired to continue adding links and my personal drivel to the Interwebs!

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