Jul 16, 2012

ARTICLE: Fixing Charter Schools

What Chris Cerf Needs to Know About Albert Shanker

This blog post addresses the words of Chris Cerf, the commissioner of education in New Jersey. She speaks to his support of charter schools. In her blog, Ms. Ravitch states that charter schools could be successful... if they take the form of Albert Shanker's original idea.

"You can fix the charter idea if you align it with Shanker’s original idea.

"First, insist that all new charters are endorsed by the local school district and the union representing teachers.

"Second, bar all for-profit management.

"Third, insist that all charters recruit and enroll only the lowest-performing students, the students who have dropped out, and the students who are doing poorly in their present public school.

"Fourth, require that charters collaborate with the public schools and share whatever they learn.

"Fifth, to truly revive the spirit of Shanker’s proposal, bar all corporate-owned charter chains. Authorize only stand-alone charters that are created by teachers and parents in the district to serve the children of that district. No chains, just local charters committed to that community."

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