Jun 18, 2012

VIDEO: Shift Learning to the Student

Engaging School Leaders in a Culture of Learning


  1. Todd! I think all of our team meetings shoud be spent discussing these AWESOME videos! You've got to start sharing this with the West faculty where it is easier for them to access than just here on your blog that they don't even know about. You have developed quite the heart for this. Hello, God is knocking Toddster!

    I think what the teacher in the video says about teachers trying to be so perfect that they end up doing all the work is right on the money! That idea would resonate with several of the teachers we work with. You will really dig the Kagan training!

  2. Hey, as reigning TOTY, it's your responsibility to lead the faculty into the next school year... I think I read that somewhere.

    I don't know. I made changes in my teaching because of my own frustration and personal expectations. I didn't decide at a training or team meeting. When new ideas are shared at faculty meetings, have you noticed that the first response is negative? One way or another, it needs to come from the top--the administration must set the standard, raising the expectations and choosing a philosophy. Unfortunately, we've lost our biggest fan.

    I checked into the training--I have a required tech class that day.