Jun 15, 2012

SITE: Keemix

From the site: Keemix allows you to gather loved content from the web, mix it into your own custom designed pages, and share it to inspire your friends and colleagues. Keemix makes curation fun and accessible to everybody.

Doesn't that sound cool! The uses in the classroom seem endless. Kids would love to create their own magazine about their favorite topics. Regardless of the content area, we can use this site to generate excitement and pride.

From the site: Become an editor-in-chief ! For each of your passions, create a dedicated page, design it as you want and showcase your favorite topics with editorialized content.

It requires the download of a bookmarklet, and, for now, you must receive an invitation. I've applied but I'm still waiting, so I can't tell you the wait time.

Write it on your communicator: Keemix.com.

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