Jun 29, 2012

GIBBERISH: Questions about Homework

Homework has been a great source of frustration for me, so I hoped Rethinking Homework by Cathy Vatterott would help. It has, but I'm still considering my plan. Before reading, I had some questions.

1. If studies have shown that homework is ineffective at the elementary level, why should I assign it?

2. What types of assignments might be effective as homework?

3. If a student struggles with a topic, what good is homework? I would argue that it only frustrates and fuels an attitude of inadequacy. Further, what good does it do to give that student five problems instead of twenty? I don't believe it's the number of problems preventing that child from completing the assignment.

4. If differentiated instruction and learning styles are important, why do we give the same assignment to all of the students?

5. What good does it do to give twenty problems to the kid that gets it?

6. Do we know when we're grading the student or the parent?

Again, this book is helping me with my questions. I'm not finished. So, I'm sure there's more to talk about.

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