May 28, 2012


Since January, I've tried to average a post a day. I fizzled out this month. You know, every year, we're eager for the end of the year. This was one of those years, though, that pushed me to the limit. 

Given my students and some of my parents, I made a point to meet a variety of needs. Like usual, if something didn't work, I adapted and improved. And, yet, it wasn't enough for some of them. Their hoops were just unreasonable, lacking responsibility.

Now, I'm exhausted and I wouldn't consider this a successful year. I hoped I learned a few things and can use them next year.


  1. I guess it depends on your definition of success. From where I stood, it looked like pure awesomeness to me. I'm very serious when I tell ya that you inspire me to keep on keep'in on. You are over there pushing yourself well beyond your comfort zone. No wonder you are tired! I wonder if in hindsight (they say it's 20/20 you know?) that you will look at this year as something of a step in the stairway of your upward climb to GREATNESS?

  2. Thanks, but I think the three of us push one another.

    It was definitely a step--one of those where you slip and bang your shin. I'm ready to move up the... stairway. I have some ideas for next year--I'd like for the three of us to get together soon and talk. One of the ideas is a doozy.

  3. Ohh. I live doozies!

  4. That's either "I live for doozies!" or "I love doozies!" And we'll see about the doozy. I don't know if I can pull it off without you...