Apr 12, 2012


Students Enthusiastic About ‘Flipped Classroom’

"Instead of listening to the teacher lecture on a subject at school and doing homework at home, now students watch the lecture at home, being able to pause and rewind the presentation to increase comprehension or note down question. Project work and problems that might traditionally be assigned as homework is now tackled during the classroom where the teacher is available to help."

"Although no formal studies into the method have yet been conducted those involved point to Clintondale High School in Michigan which ‘flipped’ its entire curriculum last year and have noted a significant rise in attendance rates and performance and a corresponding decline in disciplinary problems."

Everything that I've read on this strategy involves high school students. Research shows that homework is effective at the high school level. Those students understand its importance and, more than likely, have a mission. Will this work for elementary students? I just don't know. Several parents have asked for ways to help, so it could work.  

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