Apr 15, 2012


12 Most Unconventional Reasons to Opt Your Child Out of Standardized Testing

Obviously, the article discusses each reason. I'm not going to list the reasons here--I hope you'll take a look at the article. All right, I'll give you a bit...

"6. They don’t measure what’s important for student achievement.
Everyone knows that filling in bubbles is not an effective way to adequately measure knowledge or assess what people can do when it comes to tasks needed for real-world success. Unfortunately, in the mass-production model of school, that doesn’t matter. It is the easiest way to measure a huge number of students. What’s even more interesting is that in many states it is well known that tests don’t measure what is important. In fact if you visit this site from PBS you’ll discover that in many states not only do standardized tests not measure what is important, they are also not even aligned to the standards."

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