Apr 26, 2012

ARTICLE: Automated Grading

Software for Automating Essay Grading Put to the Test

"Researchers from University of Akron, Ohio found that the nine robo-grading products available on the market assigned the same scores as human graders."

You know, it's easy enough to put essays on the test and tie scores to money, jobs, and rankings, but they can't be bothered to use human graders.

"The results, announced during this year’s National Council on Measurement in Education meeting held in Vancouver, Canada, showed that at least some of the programs produced marks very similar to the ones given by humans."

If you put a few monkeys in a room with four buttons, they, too, would produce marks very similar to the ones given by humans.

All right, so I don't have a strong argument against automated essay grading. I'm just whining. Tell me why I hate this...

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