Mar 21, 2012

SITE: Retesting Teachers

New Ohio Plan Aims to Retest Teachers in Failing Schools

"Ohio is pioneering a plan to force teachers in the bottom of 10% of schools, as ranked by the Performance Index (a measure of student test performance), to retake licensing exams if their subject is included in a list of ‘core subjects’."

Well, sure, that makes sense. Clearly, those teachers have forgotten something and we need to retest them. 

Let's not support the teachers with proven, effective staff development. Forget about generating prestige through challenging degrees, competitive salaries and benefits, and autonomy. Don't even think about addressing poverty or the adverse conditions in the communities. Instead, let's hope that a teacher fails his test--we can fire him and get someone who knows how to teach.

From Gov. John Kasich: "'Struggling schools need to be sure teachers are competent and fully capable of teaching their assigned curriculum...'" Successful schools don't need to worry about having competent teachers, trained in the curriculum. Heck, a monkey could teach at those schools.

Just one more threat from those who have no idea what they're doing.

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