Mar 14, 2012

ARTICLE: Yeah, Good Choice

Charlotte Schools Seeks to Spend Salary Money on iPads

If you've been to my classroom, you know that I love technology. Every teacher and every student should use it. Whether netbooks, iPads, iPods, Smartboards, computers, whatever, technology is a powerful tool for grabbing attention, teaching, learning, presenting, etc. But, it's only a tool. Not a teacher. There's so much more to teaching than presenting information and walking students through problems. I would argue that my best teaching comes through my questions and responses. Therefore, it seems irresponsible and absolutely ignorant to spend money on iPads rather than teachers.

"The $10 million in county money to be spent on the teacher technology grants is in addition to $1.2m already spent on iPads for school administrators. This comes as something of a shock to people doing napkin math and working out that the money could instead have been spent on over 300 full time teachers to reduce class sizes and improve basic fundamental education."

If it takes $1.2m to supply the administration with iPads, I've found an area where they can trim some fat.

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