Feb 19, 2012

ARTICLE: Value-Added

Don't Like Value-Added? Cool. So Pick Your Poison

This article is a nice summary of methods used for performance ratings--it explains choice-based accountability, peer review, parental feedback, and others. You know, I don't mind value-added. It's a ridiculous notion to use it when deciding job security or salary. There are just too many factors affecting student success. I wouldn't mind it being a part of my evaluation, though. Teachers account for approximately 10-20% of achievement outcomes, but we never get to see that. We suspect it, but we never see the numbers on it.

"What they're ultimately rejecting is not just the tool of value-added but the notion that public educators who are paid with public funds to serve the public's children ought to be responsible for how well they do their jobs. And I, along with the 'reform' community, find that an unacceptable stance... Bottom line: It's fair to note the limits of value-added and insist that this crude tool not be overused. It's also fair to critique and reject any of these other approaches in isolation. But serious critics can't serially reject every means of accountability without ever putting forward an actionable alternative. That adds up to nothing more than a recipe for public sector entitlement."

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