Feb 2, 2012

ARTICLE: Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Candy Banned By Horace Mann School In Massachusetts

"[T]he elementary school's principal has suggested handing out origami instead of sugary treats..."

That can't possibly taste as good.

"Back in December, a Florida 10-year-old was arrested and charged with battery after allegedly attacking her teacher when the educator confiscated the student's halloween candy."

I feel the same way when my wife steals a drink from my Dr. Pepper.

From the comments...
Dancenownzen: TECHNICALLY since it is ST Valentines day the school should not allow CANDY or any celebrator­y activity ST VALANTINE ST PATRICK CHRISTMAS EASTER keep religion and anything linked to it OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS 

Good point. I don't think we needed all of the capital letters, but good point. Can't have teachers promoting the Christian principles of chocolate and little heart candies. Since Valentine's Day--nay, St. Valentine's Day--is on Tuesday, I wonder if my church is having an evening service.

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