Jan 30, 2012

ARTICLE: Uh, no.

Are Teachers Overpaid?

You've probably seen a story like this. Someone calculates the salary of a teacher if the teacher was paid like a babysitter. 

Can I pause here and say something? If I was paid $108,000 or even $60,000, I would recycle so much money back into my classroom. Whether math games, iPads, backpacks, or binders, I would buy stuff for the school and my class. I'm not trying to sound saintly--if buying something would make life easier or more interesting, I would get it. It's really quite self-serving.

Anyway, I find this article interesting because Forbes uses Wisconsin as its example. The average teacher makes $51,000. Plus... "Their benefits package knocks that up quite a bit – some say by $39,000 to a total of $90,000 combined benefits and wages." Good gravy!

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