Jul 18, 2011

BOOK: Work Habits

"[T]here is no research to support the belief that homework helps students to develop any of the characteristics that appear under the heading of work habits" (The Homework Myth, p.54).

"In sum, the usual claims that homework provides nonacademic benefits turn out to be dubious and unsubstantiated... To talk about 'independence,' 'taking responsibility,' and 'time management skills' may be a fancy way of saying that children must labor in solitude to complete mandatory assignments in such a way that they can get through something they experience as pointless drudgery" (The Homework Myth, p.54).

Alfie Kohn, the author, spends many pages discussing the arguments for the homework's nonacademic benefits. It's hard for politicians, administrators, teachers, and parents to accept that homework is ineffective, so we imagine that there are other reasons for it, but we can't imagine that those reasons are imaginary.

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